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Here at Trillion events we are proud to be the Party experts. 

We love travelling the UK to provide you with a celebration all your guests will remember.

Whether you need to a Marquee with a difference or need to add a little ‘Je ne sais quoi’ to your Venue, just give us a call!


10409162_327323517432528_594170169874767375_n  exterior (1)summer

But that’s not all…. we have something even more exciting for you.

Introducing our new DJ’s and Musicians available to help your night go with a swing.


DJ DEANO  dj deano  DJ RICHIE RICH  richie rich

DJ OLVIS   10689744_10152742099734271_5018346666151017298_n  THE SILENT DJ   ictustwin



deano live 2






Whether you are a pub, bar or club or fancy some entertainment for your private party, all our artists are available now through TRILLION EVENTS

Thanks a Trillion!

How to celebrate in Kippax on a budget

kippaxChipesch, Chipesch, Chipesch! I’m proud to say that this village has been my home for 33 wonderful years. It’s true that Kippax, like any old mining community has it’s ups and downs, but I would never change the way it is! Throughout my years as an entertainer,I have had the pleasure of performing in front of many neighbouring towns and villages, but I can say without any shadow of a doubt, that no audience are ever as lively or as excitable as a Kippax crowd. The fact is, Kippax villagers are well able to enjoy themselves and always looking for an excuse to throw a party. I now work for Trillion Events Ltd, a Kippax based events company and we are often asked about party packages for local people. Whether it is a Wedding, Birthday, Christening or a Bar Mitzvah, Trillion events will work tirelessly to ensure your celebration is one for all your guests to remember. We know that different celebrations have different budgets, so we have conveniently arranged our packages into this handy price guide.

The Kippax Welfare


Personally, I have lived in Kippax since I was 6 months old. (for the first 6 months I lived in Allerton Bywater. Not by myself, I wasn’t a very independent baby so I rented a room from my parents) We moved to the last house on Longdyke lane and as a toddler, I was in awe of the fields of grass that was the Kippax welfare just on our doorstep. I can still feel the sting of the nettles on my shins as I explored the overgrown edges and even with the odd Cricket ball flying through the kitchen window, I still have fond memories of that house. My best friend at that time was old Billy Clayton. An elderly but spritely gentleman, who I remember gifting me my first Kippax made Cricket bat, which I still have somewhere. So even to this day, I look back on the Welfare with great memories and it is with great pleasure, that Trillion events can now offer the use of this beautiful space to celebrate your special occasion on.

£2999 Trillion Cube party package

cropped-exterior-1.jpgIf you are planning a Wedding celebration or just wish to splash out on an important milestone in your life, our £2999 Trillion Cube party package includes everything you need to amaze your guests in Kippax. Check out our YouTube advert which shows the cube in action.

    • The Trillion 15m x 15m inflatable Cube marquee delivered and installed for a one day event, suitable for 120 seated or up to 400 people standing
    • Fully staffed bar facility with Spirits, Bottles and Draught (refreshments charged extra) Courtesy of the Kippax Welfare
    • DJ included to entertain your guests with the option of a personalised playlist.
    • Tables & Chairs to accommodate up to 120 guests for a sit down meal or buffet (Catering not included)
    • A choice of Table Centre Pieces
    • Table linen, Chair covers and Organza Chair bows in the colour of your choice
    • Carpeted throughout in a range of colours with additional Red entrance carpet
    • Parquet Dance floor with full Disco lighting
    • Contemporary changeable LED ambient in-wall lighting, so the cube will glow a colour of your choice in the evening
    • Personalised projected imagery onto the marquee walls, we can turn one of the cube walls into a huge cinema screen to bring the cube to life

£1999 Trillion Cube party package

If you have a slightly lower budget, We can supply a slightly simpler package;

  • The Trillion 15m x 15m inflatable Cube marquee delivered and installed for a one day event. Suitable for 120 seated or 400 people standing.
  • Fully staffed bar facility with Spirits, Bottles and Draught (refreshments charged extra) Courtesy of the Kippax Welfare
  • Carpeted throughout in a range of colours with additional Red entrance carpet
  • Contemporary changeable LED ambient in-wall lighting, so the cube will glow a colour of your choice in the evening

This package offers the perfect blank canvas to design your own internal theme. With the ability to add your own spin on furnishings and seating, you are truly able to design your own celebration.

£999 Trillion Cube party package


We are now able to provide a 10m x 10m marquee for those smaller, more personal events that you wish to celebrate. This would be perfect for Birthdays or Stag & Hen nights. Again, this is a blank canvas event, requiring you to fill the cube with any furnishings you require.

  • The Trillion 10m x 10m inflatable Cube marquee delivered and installed for a one day event. suitable for 60 seated or 100 people standing.
  • Fully staffed bar facility with Spirits, Bottles and Draught (refreshments charged extra) Courtesy of the Kippax Welfare
  • Carpeted throughout in a range of colours with additional Red entrance carpet
  • Contemporary changeable LED ambient in-wall lighting, so the cube will glow a colour of your choice in the evening

    Kippax Central Social Club

We are pleased to announce that earlier this week we were approached by the lovely folk at the Kippax Central to help them provide an ultimate party package for any Kippax residents celebrating on a budget. As usual, Trillion Events rose to the challenge and we have managed to offer an amazing all inclusive party package at an outstanding price.


£349 Ultimate party package

Party at the Kippax Central on a Friday or Sunday night and you can receive this amazing deal.

  • Hire of the Large hall
  • Professional DJ and light show for 4 hours!
  • the room dressed with Chair covers and Organza bows for up to 100 people
  • Table covers augmented with dropped petals
  • Beautiful Silver candelabra table centre pieces with red roses

If you live in Kippax and wish to celebrate a big occasion on a tight budget, this package is perfect. Pop down to the Kippax Central now to see our display table and book your event ASAP.

Trillion Events DJ Package.dj hire2015 DJ prices

If it is just a DJ you require, just tell us the venue and we will happily provide one of the following two packages!

Silver Package £179

  • Full sound system and Dj to play 4 hour mix set
  • Available from 8pm until 12pm

Gold Package £249

  • Meet with the DJ to discuss your night
  • Full sound system and DJ to play all night set
  • Full sound activated light show
  • Personalised Video to play on screens and projections during the night
  • Available from 6pm until the night is complete

Quality Saturday Night out at the Swan, Kippax


Finally, if you just fancy a night out with a loved one a group of friends on a Saturday night, Head down to the Swan. On most Saturday nights you will find a Trillion events DJ and light show ensuring you can enjoy a Trillion event on even the smallest of Budgets! There are many theme nights throughout the year so check out the Trillion events facebook page for updates www.facebook.com/trillioneventsltd

So fellow Kippisers! if you need help to throw an amazing party for yourself or someone close, just give Trillion Events a call on 07538904094 and we will be glad to help.

The Top 5 ways to provide booze for your party guests


In the infamous words of the Beastie boys. “You gotta fight, for your right, to Paaarrrrttaaayyy!” Luckily in this day and age, we no longer have to turn to protest to enjoy our most favourite of pastimes. In fact, Trillion Events, your personal party experts are here to help you to plan the most awesome night, so you can sit back, have a Gin & tonic and high five your besties. But there is one question that you must ask before you host the shindig of the year;

If you are the host, should you provide the drinks?

In this article, we will look at the top 5 ways to get your friends drunk.

1. BYOB (Bring your own beer) Well isn’t this an easy option! Pushing the responsibility of liquid refreshments onto your most trusted guests…. Shame on you! Yes, asking your guests to bring their own booze seems a simple and cheap solution to the liquor issue and you might think that you are solving a problem, but in reality, you are shirking your hostly requirements and also creating a few more conundrums on the way.beerbath Where exactly are you going to keep the vast array of bottled beer cold??.. The Bath? And what are your allocation plans? First come first served?, or are you planning on creating some kind of Alcohol segregation system to ensure the stingy gent who brought the Liebfraumilch doesn’t drink the last drop of the Chateau brown Bordeaux?71352185_657a085e8e_o

Lets be honest, a BYOB party looks cheap, removes class and lets not forget the big clean up in the morning… after all it isn’t a TYOT (Take your own Trash!)

2. The Booze Cruise Want a lot of cheap booze? How about a day trip to Calais!

carbootThousands of people every year haul themselves and their vehicle onto the Eurostar or Channel Ferry to load up the boot of their car with cheap plonk. Providing refreshments to your guests like this could save you a fortune on our overtaxed supermarket prices and you can find some great bargains on high quality wines. However, unless you live in Dover, this can be a big hassle. Not to mention the ethical  challenges of perhaps committing one of the most vanilla and boring tax evasion heists in history since the Malt tax riots of 1725. This sounds like a good plan and even a cool road trip, but you still have most of the problems you had with BYOB. Loads of mess and nowhere to keep everything chilled. Plus it’s going to be difficult to cater to everyones taste. “Look Gran, I have no babycham. Why don’t you have a Sailor Jerry’s… It’s pretty much the same thing!”

3. Keg Party This does sound pretty cool. Just thinking about it makes me wanna don a Toga and join a fraternity! USA! USA! 


But wait, wait wait. I thought you wanted a party with fancy hats & neck ties, not backward caps and neck beards. Leave this idea for your Stag or Hen do, which by the way will be awesome too. Just be careful who you invite.

“come on Gran don’t be a pussy! CHUG CHUG CHUG!”

4. Mixologist Now we are getting somewhere. If you want to enjoy your get together and spend your time mingling instead of waiting on your guests, you need to hire some staff. A mixologist can give your party a cool edge and allow your guests to taste a huge range of cocktails in the comfort of your home. mixologist-or-bartender.0This would definitely solve the issue of mess and well done… you have just added an element of class to your party. Your guests will be impressed. Errmm, who is footing the bill? Well, that would be you. A good mixologist can cost around £150 an hour so a whole night can really add up. Plus imagine a queue of sober people waiting for this Tom Cruise wannabe to stop “flinging his shaker and just fix me a rum and coke!” Good idea, you are on the right lines but I think this next option is the best for everyone.

5. The Trillion mobile Bar

Thats right, leave it all to Trillion Events. They will bring a fully functioning Mobile bar to your party.

Trillion events will apply for the relevant licenses, stock up on a whole plethora of booze including Draught Beers, Ciders and bitter, spirits, mixers and Wines. Not to mention the odd bottle of Champagne for your toast. They will provide the bar staff and also clean up the empty bottles at the end of the night. To relieve you of the costs, your guests will pay the usual pub prices for their drinks and you are free to party. Your shindig will have Class and drunken people! the best combination. All with very little effort from you. Congratulations, you have just solved the liquor issue. Now call Trillion events on 07538904094 and book them for your party. Oh, and get yourself a drink… You deserve it.

dj deano

Contact Dean O’Grady on 07538904094 to book the Trillion events Mobile bar for your party.

Website www.trillionevents.co.uk        Email info@trillionevents.co.uk

Facebook www.facebook.com/trillioneventsltd

Why you deserve an awesome 21st!

Oh to be a Teenager again! All those new experiences snatching and lifting you like a whirlwind. Thoughts and feelings which until now have been foreign. Love, infatuation, Jealousy, libido and pride churn inside your stomach. Priorities are shaken between catching his attention and working through the pile of studies on your bedroom floor and you wouldn’t have it any other way.


And then… UNIVERSITY! the next exciting chapter of debauchery, excess and knowledge carries you through until one day….its over… and then you realise, life can be hard. Turn on the news, what do you hear? Austerity…Crisis…Triple dip Recession. How has this happened! You never thought it would be possible to be 20 and a pessimist. But this wasn’t always the case. In fact, as unfortunate as it may be, you and your friends will be the first to have a life tougher than that of your parents.6189771935_96bed610e2_q

Look, things are just different these days. Anyone older than 40 can tell you. “when I was your age I was married and had a semi detached in Luton” Well, good for you buddy!

Its fair to say that for 21 year olds today, the chance of getting a mortgage or even finding a decent post graduate Job is slim. We are told to Save Save Save Save! … How! Low salaries and high rent make it a challenge to make ends meet and its the risky banking decisions of the generations before us that caused this mess! so what do you do about it?  Perhaps sell all your possessions and plow the lot into european high yield bond funds. Actually…I can think of a better idea.


Just enjoy it. With a low chance of future comes a low sense of responsibility! You have spent the last 18 years working hard in education and its time to let your hair down. You are about to turn 21. That magical age! that key to the door thingy that people rave about! We have to celebrate this momentous occasion. Will drinks be involved? Of course drinks will be involved, and lots of it. Remember when you turned 18 and you got so drunk the party finished at 10 whilst your friends held your ponytail out of the porcelain, well that was like 3 years ago. Your alcohol tolerance must have tripled by now. Its time to party ALL NIGHT.


Remember, you are an adult. VIP is the only way to go, but in the nightclubs of today, VIP no longer really exists. They let in any misfits and ruffians making your private party a little less exclusive. You could of course just hire the local Working men’s club, its probably available and ICELAND have a great deal on Frozen sausage rolls….. NO. NO. NO. NO. you are 21 not 61. Come on, have some imagination for goodness sake!

So.. whats the coolest way you can celebrate your party. Just check out Trillion Events. I think that it is only fair that you should schedule a meeting with the bank of MUM and DAD, after all, they must take a little responsibility for the financial crash in some weird way. Because for only £1999* Trillion Events will provide their one and only travelling nightclub in your Garden, local park, farm yard or field.exterior (1)

A team of 3 will erect the Trillion inflatable cube, carpet the insides, lay out the tables and chairs, create ambient lighting within the walls and provide full on Disco lights and smoke. Oh yeah, thats right, your own private nightclub in your back garden! See if your friends can top that. Trillion events will even set up a fully staffed and stocked bar inside the cube where you and your guests can get draught Lagers, Spirits and Wines at regular bar prices. And to complete the experience, they can even provide a live DJ too to really get the party going.

night to remember

Your own awesome party will be a constant drinkathon/dancethon from midday until the early morning and with enough space in the biggest cube to invite over 300 guests, you might even let Mum and Dad join in.

If you would like to know more about Trillion events please visit our website, Facebook page or Call Dean on 07538904094 to schedule an appointment

*price for basic package. Does not include delivery and installation. Call for more details.
photo credit: During the day via photopin (license)
photo credit: Boudoir Bar, Sainamyen Center Point, Patong Beach via photopin (license)
photo credit: Party Pass via photopin (license)

Music Matters – How to choose a DJ…

There are some nights that you wish would never end. The best tunes on the system and your most treasured friends making bizarre shapes on the dancefloor. There seems to be a little magic in the air, or maybe its the third glass of wine controlling your dancing shoes!  Either way, all those hours slaving away at your desk make your weekend even more special and if you have a reason to celebrate, do it in style.


Whether its a Birthday, Anniversary or Wedding, choosing the right DJ can make or break your night. In this article we will give you all the tools you need to make a considered choice.

First things first, you can use sites such as Facebook and Gumtree to find local DJ’s in your area or you can use a DJ service company such as Trillion Events ltd. Hopefully the Dj’s advert should give you an indication of the styles of music they specialise in, if not its time to pick up the phone and make that call. Telephone conversations allow you to experience the personality and communication qualities of the person who may be in charge of your big celebration. What you should be looking for is a mix of professionalism, confidence and good humour, I like to call this the ANT & DEC test! Think about it, which other presenters would you trust to entertain your Gran, Nephews and BFF’s at the same time.

djdeanoGREEN - Copy (2)

Remember not to book on price alone! If you are quoted £100 for a DJ for the night something isn’t right. Many people moonlight as a DJ for a quick buck and from my experience saving money where it matters will turn to regret. Expect to pay between £300 and £500 for a top quality Disc jockey and a real professional will want to meet with you before the event. This gives you a great opportunity to check the basics.

night to remember

What are they Packing?

Its best for your DJ to have more power than they need to remove the potential for peak distortion, look for modern equipment with brand names such as Peavey, HK Audio, JBL and Mackie and the Amplifier power for up to 500 people should be between 1000 – 2000Watts. Most modern DJ’s will have moved away from CD’s and now use digital audio on Laptops with external real time mixers. Some worry about the authenticity of this but it can definitely help the DJ keep a wider range of music easier to access. With this in mind, a DJ with Mobile Internet or MiFi will have the ability to download music on the night and deal with any strange requests from your crazy friends!

Tell me more…

Experience is essential, If the DJ is a proud professional they should have many glowing references from recent events. Facebook is a great way to chat to others who have used your DJ to ensure a great time was had by all. Ask them for endorsements to prove that DJ Ken is really as groovy as he makes out on his advert.

The Back up plan!

Things can’t always go to plan but we can put actions in place to help things go smoothly. In other words, it’s always best to have a Plan B! Ideally, your DJ should be part of a duo. Any minor incident on the night can then be solved easier by the partner whilst the other keeps the party going. Most major venues will be required to request a copy of the DJ’s PAT test certificate & public liability insurance certificate so its best to check that the DJ has these ready. It’s also a good idea to check your Venues rules on using a smoke machine on the night… Fire alarm evacuations can really dampen the fun.


The more specific you can be about your preferred musical style, the more successful your night will be. Throw in artists, genres, song titles. think through the decades and take in consideration of all the guests. Give your DJ all they need to make the perfect playlist. With this in mind why not make a DO NOT PLAYlist too. Think “Wig wam Bam” will tarnish your night? Then tell them before hand!

Putting on a Show

Sound activated Lighting effects are a must to complete that usual party scene, but what other personal touches are available. Behind their DJ’s, Trillion Events use a projector and screen to display club visuals which can be easily personalised with Photos and celebratory messages to suit the special occasion. Having a witty & articulate DJ on the microphone will also help drum up support from the partygoers, keep that dancefloor full and even help keep the night in control, effectively being a quality emcee. Want to keep your night classy? why night give the DJ a dress code to keep with continuity?

What time is it?

Making a schedule together will help remove any crossed wires of start and finish times. Where possible, ensure that the DJ arrives and sets up before the guests arrive to help keep the magic of the night. Imagine bringing your kid to see Santa and when you arrive he’s still pulling up his stockings! If you wish the music to continue past the agreed time, be prepared to cough up. Overtime from a professional during unsociable hours can be pricey, so work this out beforehand and only do it if it will definitely add to the night. If its just drunk Auntie Joan doing the Conga on her own maybe its time for bed after all…

dj deano  Dean O’Grady is one of Trillion events most experienced DJ’s and available to hire through www.trillionevents.co.uk.

‘Tis the season to get…Married?

The big life change has begun. Remember all those years socialising, mixing and flirting. Weren’t they amazing! All that hard work has culminated in finally finding your one true love. You are one of the lucky ones. Your life is soon to be entwined with the sweetest and kindest person in the world until the end of time. I think its time to celebrate, Don’t you?

exterior (1)

Marquee celebrations give your guests a change of scenery and a break from normality. They allow you the comfort and grace of a grand hall, set against any charming backdrop you can imagine. Leaving the distractions of the city behind and getting closer to nature will help maintain your wedding as the focal point. It also allows all attending to experience the real sentiment of the season you have chosen. In this article we will discuss how each season offers its own beauty and how that can reflect on your magical day.

So let’s start planning the most spectacular of parties for all your close friends and family, but the key question must be…when?


The most visually striking of seasons. On a clean, bright winter morning, the air is crisp and clean. Guests with elegant winter wardrobes, smile with red lips and leave tracks toward your marquee in the purest white snow.


If you choose a standard tent Marquee with tarpaulin and framework, winter can be a harsh season. However, the Trillion cube, with gas powered heaters and its one metre thick air insulated walls will keep all your attendees warm and sheltered. Allowing you to appreciate winters beauty without the chill.

Through the day, the Trillion Cube will illuminate in the glow of the bright low winter sun and as the shorter days turn to night your family and friends can appreciate the ambience of the colour changeable in-wall uplighters. Bright white, pale blues or purples will radiate around the four walls as the darkness takes hold and your evening guests begin to arrive.

Trillion events offer a winter themed table decoration of bright white manzanita trees with elegant crystal drops, like ice sparkling on tree spines and to complete the theme, why not use our wall projections to personalise your evening.

Perhaps a simple projection of pretty falling snowflakes or a natural winter landscape to compliment the season, as the sweet and spicy scent of warm mulled wine served by the Trillion Bar team drifts through the cube.

As winter weddings are a rarity, you can be sure that your special day will be remembered by all.


As we welcome the sun and the days get longer, the warmth returns and your guests can now ditch their jackets and jumpers and parade their new spring attire. Spring represents a fresh start, as browns turn to green and the frost disappears, a rejuvenated cheerfulness takes control. spring

The white Trillion Cube placed in proximity to sprouting grass, tulips and daffodils will capture the season perfectly. Being outdoor, guests can capture the sounds of birdsong and the drone of the bumblebee as the scent of the blooming bluebell completes the experience. Trillion events offer a spring themed table decoration of vintage pastel tones with cherry blossom and ornate birdcages.

Projections of peacock butterflies and falling blossoms on the wall will bring life to the cube and really capture the season.


As the holiday season arrives and the temperature peaks, Summer is the most popular time for a marquee wedding. The white Trillion cube will really stand out against the deep blue skies and bleached white clouds floating softly in the summer breeze.


Summer brings an almost endless, serene day of laughs, drinks and anecdotes. The predictable weather gives you the opportunity to bring the party outside, with barbecues, lawn games and even a bouncy castle for the kids. As the Trillion bar team prepare Prosecco on ice and endless Jugs of Pimms, why night have a singer and guitarist playing laid-back summertime tunes.

There are a huge array of radiant colour schemes to compliment your design from deep reds to vibrant greens. Trillion Events have chosen a bright, warm quality of luxurious silver candlesticks with a bouquet of red roses as their signature table decoration for this joyful season.


As summer comes to an end and the Sun matures, ripened leaves cling to the branch, destined to fall. Autumn is the season of mists, magic and mystery. After a fruitful harvest, we can enjoy the scents of freshly pressed cider, roasted chestnuts and the sweet bitter taste of a honey-crisp Apple.

During Autumn, all clocks run slow. Scarfed and woolen we saunter endlessly through the park, through the breeze that inverts umbrellas and lifts kites. Coppers, browns, deep yellows and greens are the colours to choose inside your Trillion cube. The table centrepiece of choice is an exquisite vase filled with sweet green apples and pinecones finished with a moss styled wreath.


As your guests toast the night and the Trillion cube glows alongside the yellow autumn moonlight, you can reflect on your magical day.

No matter when you choose to get married, Trillion events will work alongside the natural beauty of that season to compliment your celebration. If you would like to know more about hiring the Trillion Cube, please call Dean O’Grady on 07538904094 and he will be happy to advise you on availability and pricing.